How did Tanqeeb change job searching in ME?

Tanqeeb offers advanced recruitment solutions in the Middle East through many of the recruitment features of hiring process for both job seekers and business owners.The site provides a variety of employment packages for employers, allowing them to choose the most appropriate method according to the appropriate financing plan with their company. The site management also reviews the jobs submitted according to the rules stated on the site, and provides the search service in the CV, which allows searching for employees through skills, profession, or the region through an easy user interface with filtering options to show the best competencies suitable for employers to facilitate the process of selecting the right person for the vacant job. collects jobs from different locations and provides the recruitment service in an easy way for the job seeker. The search process allows three different ways, namely, search by city, by specialty, or by the publisher. The site also features a non-discrimination of the applicant for the purchase of a package or by payment The site is easy to access to the jobs of the major international companies. Also, there is a part of the site for exploration of the functions of the day, which allows the job seeker to see the latest posts within the country or outside, In case the job seeker prefers chatting on the navigation system, the chat bot site can be used to collect data from the job seeker and, through these data, display the appropriate functions.

In the current period, it is known that the Arab community is interested in accessing social networks. Most job seekers spend most of their time browsing various social networks, and the management of the site has created innovative solutions such as “recruitment” Provides job seekers with easy access to the available jobs on a daily basis, making recruitment easier.

Tanqeeb helps job seekers through the Advanced Research Assistant, allowing researchers to create a professional biography in simple steps through which the qualifications and skills of researchers are identified and adapted to the needs of the labor market and makes it easier for employers to reach people based on their experience and potential.