Enerpize will be launched for public by 2019

IZAM Inc. decided to develop its products to satisfy all business figures through its new cloud-based product energize that will allow each business to have a tailored software for all industry.Different modules will allow any business to get the highest benefit out of our new cloud software.Sales, Inventory, Accounting, CRM, Operations, and employee management are now in one solution and continuous updates on industries to keep on track with the fast-growing types of business functions.

The software will be launched to the public in Jan 2019 to be the cloud sister program for online invoices with more customizable features and industry oriented modules.Free trials will be provided for people who want to check this software for one month and the service will be for a reasonable fee.

We are expecting that energize will be the highest contributor to IZAM Inc. ecosystem because it has been developed based on all past expertise, to empower business owners and entrepreneurs.Energize is serving small and medium business with a single purpose, to provide an affordable, flexible, and reliable business management systems.